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3d Animation Company in Gurgaon

3d Animation

We are one of the best 3d animation companies in Gurgaon. We offer multiple services at one place. Our animation team is expert and experienced in making attractive animated movies. If you want to create any type of 3d animation, just contact us. 3d Animated movies give a live projection experience which is why it is more popular than 2d animation.

3d animation Designing company in gurgaon

Key frame Animation:

Before working on the whole sequence we break the sequence in different shots. These shots are converted into frames. There are different frame counts like 24 FPS (Frame per Second), 32 FPS, etc. After that the key framing process begins where we animate the character. This animation is very useful for realistic view of funny cartoon characters.

Facial Animation:

Facial Animation is used to express the character face expressions and emotions. These need much expertise to be handled. We use advance morphing and rigging for such type of animations.

We use the latest software and techniques for good quality animation. Our team is fully trained to work on Autodesk Maya, 3d Max, Autodesk Motion Builder and Image Box. 3d Animation needs a lot of imagination and live experiences. The current action movies use too much animation. It is a little difficult to make an action movie without animation. In the same way it is effective for studies and presentations.

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