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2d Animation Company in Gurgaon

2d Animation

Animation makes it very easy to express what is in your mind. 2d Animation is a faster way to make animation and is used for various purposes. Animation can convert your business idea into effective visuals that makes easy to understand. 2d Animation needs strong imagination for characters and big creation.

2d animation Designing company in gurgaon

2d Animation may have various purposes:

  • 2d Character animation.
  • 2d educational video for study on a project.
  • 2d Animation Children Rhyme.
  • 2d Animation Cartoon Animation.
  • Flash Animation:

    Flash is well known software for 2d animation. Our team is expert in flash animation. We give you an excellent quality of character and animation. It is very useful for TV serials, movies or any advertisement movies.

    Shadow Technology has a team of experts of 2d animation that is offering creative animation for various purposes. Our strong production team makes a deep study on the concept and then starts to visualize it. Before working on any animation we move and create the story board of the sequence that gives idea to the clients of the whole project. A story board contains the details of short duration, camera angle, sound and dialogue and animation. So start your 2d animation work with Shadow Technology.

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